Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Today was dedicated to taking it easy!! Mama napped with the baby. We took a few walks, watched the dogs at the park, played and read books. You are going through some serious separation anxiety right now! Mama can't step out of your view without you crying out. In Kansas you'd cry too until you forgot I wasn't there and then you'd be fine. I hope this doesn't last too long... I hate when you get upset, but sometimes we have to be separated. 


Travel day! We left Abilene at 1:30 this morning to start making our way home. You slept in the car the whole way to Kansas City (thank gawd!) Then you slept on both flights! It was a smooth day of traveling (minus the diaper issues, 2 blow outs/leaks and one almost blowout...) We are glad to be home. Portland welcomed us in true NW style: rain, but we loved it!!


Grandpapa came to visit you today! He spent the whole day at your Nana and Papa's with you. Your Aunt Adele also came as a last minute surprise! 

You had quite a big day with family, but you were also up to something else... Your second tooth pushed through today!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Today was Mama's 10 year high school reunion. We were so busy having fun that Mama didn't get a photo until the end of the day! 

You were cooed over and cuddled up and kissed a ton by Mama's friends today. So many commented about how beautiful you were. And many also loved the way your hair was long on front! You got to be held by Dana, April, Lauren, Cherish, and Terra. 

Friday, May 24, 2013


Today was a big day for you. We hung out with family, visited the cows at Uncle Ben's, played with the cousins, went on a walk through Brown's Park (Papa wore you in the Ergo for the first part of our walk), and in the evening we went to Aunt Melissa's for dinner where you got to meet some more of Mama's best friends (Lauren, Cherish - who you went right to and hung out with a bunch, Hans, and Jim). Then Mama and Daddy brought you back to Nana & Papa's and left you (FOR THE FIRST TIME) while they went into Abilene to see friends for the beginning of the reunion activities. You cried a bit but snoozed most of the time. Mama felt bad leaving you (& still kind of does) but knew you were in good hands with your grandparents. 

PS: No babies were licked while visiting the baby cows... Mama said not allowed!


Our first day at Nana's! You got lots of attention and love! Great Grandma Olesen was there, Nana, Papa, Uncle Courtney, Uncle Ben, Aunt Desi, Tristan, Khloe. Mama's best friend Melissa came out with baby Weston. 


Travel day! Today we spent the whole day traveling back to Kansas. Mama's 10  year high school reunion is this weekend. Your Great Grandma Olesen is also visiting from Moab. 

You were wonderful to travel with. I was worried about confining you to our seats in our arms since you are so active now. You did squirm and move a lot, but we were able to keep you happy enough in our seats.